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Our current Paper Manger allows you to manage the essays that you have saved in our system. Below you should see a list of all the essays you have created. If you have not created any essays please click here to compose a new essay.

Your essays are sorted alphabetically by the title of each essay. Displayed to the right the title is Date Created (the date that the essay was originally created), Actions (Edit & Delete) and View Essay As (see below).

Actions > Edit - Clicking on the pencil icon allows you to edit your essay. The edit sequence begins with the Short Worksheet. If you do not wish to edit any of that info, you can select "Edit 5-Paragraph Essay". This will bring you directly to the 5-Paragraph Worksheet. Please note when saving an edit you have the option to "Save and Expand To .. (then next subsequent worksheet)" or to just save and return to the paper manager, similar to composing a new essay.

Actions > Delete - Clicking on the recycling bin icon will delete that particular essay. Please note, once deleted, that essay is completely erased.

View Essay As - This drop down allows you to auto compile your essay as either an outline or composition, in various lengths and allows you to complete the composition by splitting the screen and giving you an area to vary your restatements and rewrite. Please note that all information entered in this area must be saved as a word document to your computer or copied and pasted to a text editor of you choice. We DO NOT save this data in our system.

Sample Essay Date Created Action View Essay As
A Great Day [5 Paragraph Example]2006-07-24EDIT ESSAY  DELETE ESSAY
Business Meeting2006-10-28EDIT ESSAY  DELETE ESSAY
Bill Smith Is An Excellant Employee2006-10-28EDIT ESSAY  DELETE ESSAY
The Five Paragraph Essay2006-10-18EDIT ESSAY  DELETE ESSAY