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For hundreds of testimonials from individuals and institutions. please visit or Facebook page "The Easy Essay".


Site of the Day Special Needs Children

I've shared my instructions for composing an easy five-paragraph essay, but if your child responds more to filling in blanks on a screen than writing on a piece of paper, this neat site may finally get the writing going. By following the program's instructions, students can create a basic outline, fill it up with details, then process a complete essay (though one that will probably need some proofreading before turn-in time). The site is free, but to save or edit essays online, you'll need the free registration.

~ By Terri Mauro 

Hi there,

I am the Technology Staff Developer for the Port Washington School District. I have a few elementary teachers that would love to use your site, however we do not have email addresses for our students. Is there a way that you can suggest that we create accounts for our students without an email address?

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,
Jackie Gilmartin
Technology Staff Developer
Port Washington School District

Thank You, Barry.

I looked at the site and even did a trial run. I will email this information to our Health Resource Consultants and put it in our knowledge base for future inquiries [with respect to] Traumatic Brain Injury.
U.S. Department of Defense - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)

This aid has been removed from their resource base due to lack of government required paperwork.

With its logical, color coded and repetitive procedures , a free site, appears to be of major assistance to those with cognition and thought processing issues from both traumatic brain injury and stroke. It appears to reopen, retrain or form new neural pathways.

The process is quite simple and the results of the use of the program, in general, are that a noted side effect is that users begin to communicate logically.

“The Easy Essay was very helpful… I [also] have twin 15 year old twins. They are in a college prep school... I am glad this tool is available.”

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota
Celebrating 25 years of service, the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota has led the way in bringing advocacy, education, support services and awareness for the 100,000 Minnesotans (12,000 children and young adults) who have experienced a brain injury.

~ Janice Webster | Resource Facilitator / Peer Mentor Specialist

Thank You,

I had wanted to wait until I got feedback from the teachers. They love it and we are looking at using it with some of our AT devices. Thanks for the update and I will keep you informed of how we are progressing,

~ Dr. Suzanne Pope Dobson - Calhoun High School (Special Education Department Head

Hello Barry,

Your structure for essays is an answer to prayer. Our son has dyslexia and struggles greatly with organizing, so it is just what I have been looking for.

Thank you so much!

~ Jenny (Jan 2009)

Wow! What a great tool! I've written a post about your site and the wonderful free service you offer on my blog: ADHD & LD Resource Blog at Thanks for sharing!

- Shane (June 2008)


Posts about on Curriki's Blog
How to Improve Essay Writing Skills with 10 EdTech Online Tools
You have troubles organizing your ideas and expressing them in clear academic writing style? Essay Punch will take you through each step of the writing process. You can use pre-set prompts for descriptive, persuasive, and informative essays. Then, you can proceed with online interactive ex ercises that will help you become a better writer through regular practice. 

“…Take note, a side effect of the program is that users begin to communicate logically! 

Check out the site it might just be the tool you or your child needs to create winning 5 paragraph essays.”

The NH Parent Information and Resource Center (NH State PIRC) is a US Department of Education-funded program aimed at improving student academic performance.


Thanks for a great site. I will recommend it to others...

Kind regards,
Althea Pearson, PhD
Consultant Counselling Psychologist
Woodspring Psychological Services

London House -

Dear Barry,

The is a resourceful and innovative approach that ought to be considered as a fundamental educational breakthrough. All my life I always shuddered at the thought of having to write essays. As a college student, using the EasyEssay reduces the stress, headaches, and worries that result when essays are assigned. After using the EasyEssay for one of my English assignments, I was amazed by the remarkable features and capabilities of the site that left me thinking where such an invention was when I was younger. Its unique method of outlining and color-coding points allows me to organize my thoughts, ideas, and arguments in a clear, concise, and effective manner. After plugging in all of the necessary information and clicking the compose button, a completed version of the work is generated. Using it as an outline, I would go back and edit the completed version just to polish and add more details so that the work may reflect my writing style and have more information. With the EasyEssay, I no longer have to panic or procrastinate when it comes to writing assignments. Thank you Barry for your ingenious and effective innovation.

~ Louis Bastien

Louis was valedictorian of his hi school class. We are proud and pleased to be of help to a great young man.

Free essay composition aid

A free information organization program is available at for use by students, parents, teachers, businesspeople or anyone who could use help organizing their thoughts into written form. Users are prompted to enter information into a logically ordered format, which encourages sticking to the main point rather than becoming distracted by unrelated topics. The site, which has no ads, offers free registration for users who wish to save or edit their essays online.
Regional News in Brief – Week of Feb. 17, 2010

This looks like a really valuable resource. I'll try to teach our volunteers to use it in the tutor/mentor program I lead. I've also added it as a link on the web site so others can learn to use it.

If you'd like to submit an article from time to time, to coach people in using this, please do.

~ Dan Bassill

As Korea's leading educator in the nascent field of English essay writing and law school style debating, I find this approach intuitive and unusually straightforward. My online writing applications target ESL students and have more complex connections to teaching grammar. The programs compliment each other beautifully.

Saemin Ahn, President of and former Korea Times IT columnist.

~ Saemin Ahn (Dec 2008)

If you are having trouble with an specific test and you want to find a way to pass it without much effort, you should pay this website a visit and take a look at this automated program.

Good Morning Barry,

Thanks for reading my article and informing me about If you check my article again, you will see that I have added it to my Academic Enrichment/Study Strategies category for the readers to see. I will also share it with my professional colleagues, counselees at school, and clients in my practice.

Have a good day!

M. Ann Goode
School Counselor
Montgomery Co. Public School Schools, MD

Will this be available in 2009 / 2010? - It is a wonderful tool!

Mary Altiere
Lee County Schools

YES and please pass the info on to others (people and press) so that we will be able to help even more people... and the site will still be free!!! : )

Hi my name's Andy Fisher - I am a secondary school teacher based in the UK - my blog can be found at
I have just created my first essay using 'easy essay' and would be happy if you would like to use it as a demo piece.  I think the site has lots of potential and wish you luck as it develops - Click Here to view my essay is entitled 'What reasons are there to be hopeful for the future?
~ Andy Fisher

I thought your website was so cool I have assigned it to both my teenage daughters. They will start tomorrow, and I'll let you know how it goes. The course seems clear, logical, and easy to follow, and I believe they'll find it very helpful. We homeschool, and I've been looking for something along these lines for a long time. I stumbled on your website today looking for something else, actually, but I think this is just what I've been looking for for quite some time. I'm very impressed.

~ Susan

WOW! This program is very useful! I have to write an essay about a subject I despise (Mesopotamian mythology) and was having a hard time getting started on it. The program is helping me get my thoughts in order and build up my essay's "skeleton."

- Stephanie (Oct 2008)

"As a journalist and published author for more than 50 years, I am impressed by the Easy Essay website and feel it provides a most valuable service for those who need help expressing themselves in print."

~ Mel Watman, London, England
(Mar 2009)

My essay is about home schooling, because I have been doing so for a total of 16 years, first with my own children, and now 2 of my 12 grandchildren. I love it. Thank you for creating this wonderful web site!

- Jan (April 2008)

Love this! I've been trying to teach my seventh-grader this for months -- I'm going to get him on here for his next essay and try not tosay "I told you so!"

- Shauna (March 2008)

“It's an ingenious way to help organize your thoughts so that you can write a decent essay.”

~ Phyllis Anker - Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative


This is just a note to let you know how grateful I am to have been able to share your wonderful technique with my students for the past five years. When I teach writing skills your information makes it so easy for them to write their papers regardless of the length.

Congratulations on this great website, I now have some place to send my students where they can practice on a daily basis instead of just one time during my class.

I have used this technique with my corporate clients, my theology students, and soon with my students at Kaplan University.

Feel free to use my thesis example, "The Moon is Made of Green Cheese" at any time and you are welcome to put it on your website. I know that everyone will enjoy reading it and get a chuckle while they learn how to use your great writing system.

Thanks once again for everything, and good luck on spreading your website to every student every where.

~ Kathleen A. Bishop, M.B.A., PhD, ThD.

Barry, Just wanted you to know that I am now teaching College Prep English at Broward College …I am also taking a course in Online teaching and Learning at Kaplan for my masters degree and I am using it as a portion of my final project for the class. I will forward you the project when I have completed it. I have given the link to your website to my students at BC and to my classmates. Thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing to help everyone learn how to be a better writer! And boy do we need it!

Kathleen A. Bishop, M.B.A., PhD, ThD. December 01, 2010


JustBeGreen is a globally oriented project whose mission is to assure that the most eco-friendly materials are used in the construction of its various communities. We have found that The Easy Essay is of great help in the communication of ideas, especially as it works in any language. The program's almost mathematic approach prevents the user from digressing from the subject. It works for reports from my secretary to our construction personnel. This process saves my associates time, saves my employees time and best of all it, saves me time.

And it is all so simple....Many thanks!

- Gary E. Hunt - Chief Manager, Just Be Green, LLC (Sept 2008)

I am so joyful and delighted that I was introduced to The Easy Essay. It is amazingly clearly structured and very versatile. As physician I recommend The Easy Essay almost daily to patients to help them organize their thoughts and improve their ability to concisely communicate their medical histories , knowing that The Easy Essay makes this entire process fun and painless. The Easy Essay gets my highest rating as one of my absolute favorite websites. Amazing that its inventor, Barry Morse makes his pearls of knowledge available to the public for free - what a model citizen.

- Dr. Ernest G Hope MD PhD (Stanford University, USA)

Dr. Hope specializes in high-tech treatments for cancer survival that do not use chemotherapy or radiation.


A clinical PhD psychologist reports that he has observed that The Program rehabituates  the cognitive process, at all levels, in all disciplines and that the change increases in direct proportion to the use of The Process. To me, that says that the users learn to focus logically, as a matter of habit.

My attorney has told me that she believes that every first year law student should use the program to learn to focus on a single subject.